Moskowite Corners store closes again

The store at Moskowite Corners closed a few weeks ago, making it more difficult for cyclists climbing over Cardiac Hill on Hwy. 128 to find water and supplies. The nearest store to Cardiac is now the Turtle Rock Inn, five miles farther north on Hwy. 128.
The Moskowite store, “The Crossroads at Lake Berryessa,” was in bankruptcy in 2008 when it was purchased by Jim Keller of Napa, according to a story in the Napa Valley Register. Keller fixed the place up and found a new tenant, Jim Winchell, to run the place in 2010, according to the Register story. Winchell ran the market, restaurant and bar with his family until last month. On March 11, they closed the doors to the store for the last time and sent out a letter on the internet to their customers. They also posted a large copy of the letter in the window of the closed store. Read the letter.

Posted from Napa, California, United States.

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  1. Carlos says:

    Bad news. Thanks for the notice.

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