Energizer Stations promote upcoming May is Bike Month

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In the video above, morning commuters, Matt Schott of Placerville and Kevin Keady of Folsom ride into the May is Bike Month Energizer Station on M and 48th Streets in Sacramento Tuesday morning. In the photo at the right, Schott and Keady help themselves to food and drink at the station as Scott Anderson of Sacramento, right, pulls into the station.
The station was set up by Sacramento Area Council of Governments employees A.J. Tendick and Jeanie Hong to promote “May is Bike Month.”

May is rapidly approaching and with it, May is Bike Month, the annual event that promotes bicycle commuting. This year, the regional program is sponsoring “Energizer Stations” along key commuting routes in the Sacramento area. Most of the stations will be set up along the American River Bike Trail for two hours at a time, but they will also be erected in Roseville and Davis on certain days, according to A.J. Tendick a public information coordinator for Sacramento Area Council of Governments.
As an added incentive to stop at the “Energizer Stations,” commuters can “friend” them on Facebook and learn of the daily keyword. Mentioning the key word at the station gives commuters a chance of winning free socks or a t-shirt.
The May is Bike Month website has a list of upcoming “Energizer Stations” on the calender page of the site.

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