Video of Berkeley cyclists hit by car

YouTube determined that TubePress's request did not contain proper authentication. - Private video
Update: 8 a.m. 4/30 — It appears the driver was arrested on Friday by police. He was booked on other charges and the police are still investigating. See the report on KTVU.
Update: 4:30 p.m. 4/29 — KGO-TV out of San Francisco has this report on their website.
Update: 6 p.m. 4/27SFist reports the hit and run vehicle has been found and is apparently a stolen car.
This is scary video of a car sideswiping two cyclists in Berkeley. The crash happens at 2:40 in the video. The motorist took off after hitting them. They seem to be okay – standing and moving around after the incident. The video is posted to YouTube by brunogfmtube
Update 2:30 p.m. 4/27 – From the YouTube site where the video was posted:
Bruno posted this, “Thank[sic] guys for your support! Yesterday I went to the police department and I reported the crime. I also gave the video to the police officer. It was possible to identify the number of the car on the video. The police have located the car and the owner. Now I’m waiting for the return of the police on the case.”

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