County attacks homeless camping on the bike trail’s west end

Bicyclists navigate past people sitting on the bike trail under the Highway 160 bridge at Northgate Blvd. Wednesday evening. Sacramento County authorities began rousting homeless campers in the area Wednesday evening in part because of complaints by businesses and residents in the area.

Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton filed a number of columns this month concerning the homeless camping along the Amercian River bike trail in area of Del Paso and Northgate boulevards. Yesterday, Breton’s column announced, “Beginning today, Sacramento County authorities will begin taking several significant steps aimed at saving the American River Parkway from environmental harm caused by illegal camping,”
Sure enough, last night county park rangers were out along the trail rousting homeless campers and writing citations.
The area has become a difficult one for cyclists to use while commuting home from work because of the gatherings of people under the Highway 160 bridge at Northgate Blvd. An article in the Bee this morning highlighted some of the plans the county has to, “…wrest back the lower parkway, cleaning it up and making it attractive again for hikers, bikers and other recreational users.”

Posted from Sacramento, California, United States.

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