A list of some of my favorite bicycle sites.


California Bicycle Coalition – Dedicated to the concept that, “We deserve to live in communities where safe streets and bike paths and trails take us wherever we want to go.”

Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates – Representing cyclists’ interests in and around the Folsom area through advocacy, special events and promotional activities.

SABA – Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen – Their goal is to improve bicycling in Sacramento by making bicycle maintenance, repair, and training more widely available to everyone, regardless of skill level.


Bike Commuters - Providing news, articles, product reviews, and how to’s of anything that is related to bike commuting.

Bike Snob NYC - His goal is, “Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing and re-packing the cycling culture.”

EcoVelo - Eco-friendly bicycling


BikeHikers – Sacramento’s oldest bicycle club with nearly 700 members. The club’s focus is on touring and recreational cycling.

California Triple Crown – Long distance bicycling in California.

Cycle Folsom – The club exists to provide an environment where cyclists can improve their cycling skills, strength and endurance through intelligent training and nutrition.

Davis Bike Club – The Davis Bike Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cycling and cycling-related activities.

Quackcyclists - A group of friends who put together two great double centuries each year, the Knoxville Double Century and the Devil Mountain Double.

Sacramento Wheelmen – The Sacramento Wheelmen bicycling club is a nonprofit organization for cycling and cycling-related activities based in Sacramento, California.

Law and order

California Vehicle Code – Operation of Bicycles

Stolen bicycle registry – This is a free service created by a bicyclist in Portland, Ore.


American River Parkway map – A map of the parkway from SACOG’s Sacramento Region 511′s travel information site.

Central California Cycling – A list of Sacramento area bike rides by Sacramento Wheelmen member Richard Zipf.

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